Ford 8d Problem Solving

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The main aim of the process is to identify the root cause of a problem and put procedures in place to rectify it and ensure the matter won’t return to haunt you.

When managers of companies are faced with a problem, they want to solve it quickly and thoroughly.

Back in 1983, Ford Motor Company was struggling to cope with the influx of complaints about the quality of American cars, so they decided to approach Dr W. Ford had expected Deming’s seminars to revolve around how to improve quality, but instead he focused on how Ford should improve management and thus, the 8D model was created as a problem-solving strategy.

The 8D model consists of 8 stages, or “disciplines” which can be used to analyse problems encountered in the workplace.

It is recommended that you have an engineering degree and experience in the automotive engineering field.

Ford Motor Company is a global automotive manufacturer with an extensive Engineering Learning & Development organization that supports its global footprint within the Product Development, Research and Advanced Engineering, Purchasing, and Quality teams.With this two-hour online course, you will learn the methods and tools used to complete each step in the Ford Global 8D find-and-fix problem-solving process, including steps to define the problem, verify the root cause and escape point, and prevent occurrence.The course is designed to provide you with the analytical and procedural information you need to understand, describe, and participate in the G8D problem-solving process as a team member.The 8D model should technically be renamed “The 9D model” because discipline 0 was added later on, as a preliminary preparation stage.The planning discipline includes pondering who will be on your team, how long you have to fix the problem, and what resources you’re likely to need in the process. This can be a puzzling decision; a diverse team may be advantageous because they can offer different skills and suggestions, but if their ideas oppose each other’s too much, you could be faced with lots of time spent solving their disagreements.Ford designs and deliver world-class learning solutions, fueling technical excellence to design Smart Vehicles for a Smart World.TOPS 8D is a reductionist problem solving approach in that it looks for a solution to remedy the immediate problem, but does not require an optimal solution nor does it investigate outside the direct system of interest.One way to perform a root cause analysis is by asking the 5 Whys.You can then make a start on figuring out some permanent solutions to the problems.Global 8D (G8D) is a disciplined process developed by Ford Motor Company to help product development and manufacturing engineers identify and solve problems.Solving problems results in efficient, as well as effective, resolution to 'root causes' of customer satisfaction issues, and helps reduce warranty costs.


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