Good Leadership Qualities Essay

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Furthermore, good decision making ensures the success of the entire group. Most noteworthy, innovation is a guarantee of survival of a group or innovation.

If the leader makes poor decisions, then the efforts of followers won’t matter. Without creative thinking, progress is not possible.

You could be one step closer to landing that dream job!

And we want to know what trait YOU think is most important for a great leader to have. For a more detailed explanation of what it takes to be a good leader, check out this infographic created by Norwich University Organizational Leadership.

A stress-free work environment often garners the most results, and sometimes all that is necessary to help push your team forward is a healthy dose of humor in the face of difficulty.

A good leader will show confidence in the face of challenges and will inspire confidence in his team by reminding them that obstacles are just there to be overcome.

How can a leader inspire people if he himself is hopeless? Honesty and Integrity are important to earn the love of followers.

Above all, honesty is essential to win the trust of the people.

When every member of the team is striving towards a common goal, then there is nothing that cannot be accomplished.

Negative situations will always arise, but a good business leader will know how to diffuse them and help give his team peace of mind.


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