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A good introduction sets the stage for an interesting and well-written essay.For the writer, the introduction provides the opportunity to present your essay as interesting and sets it apart from other essays with a similar purpose.However, it does not mean that it must be too official and boring, especially if we talk about high school students.

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A student should also understand what the readers are expecting to see in every introduction and hook sentence(s).

Believe it or not, but an introduction should give the answers to all of these questions.

Hook sentences are just one of the numerous requirements.

They are less discussed than writing styles and structure, so we're going to describe the ways you catch an eye of your reader with the first line or few.

Another great one contains a type of sarcasm "Stupid people are dangerous." We can see Miss Collins knows many ways to write a great hook.

Does your story have to motivate, give an overall picture, share personal experience, open hidden ability, or disclose more interesting facts which they wondered?Students face a serious dilemma when it comes to choosing the best essay hook out of the pool of great ideas.There are just too many types of essay hooks to choose from: The juicy part of your introduction, its hook, consists of up to two sentences aimed to grab your reader's attention.Choose the mood of your text with the help of your hook sentence.An anecdote would most probably mean a humorous tone; an interesting scientific fact often results in the serious research paper.A shorter introduction is appropriate for a shorter essay, while a longer essay often needs to have a lengthier introduction.This quote from a world-known author of teen books is an excellent opening for your literature essay or social paper about making choices.Besides, it has to point to the specific topic by narrowing it in the thesis statement, the last sentence of the first paragraph.No matter what subject you're learning in your high school or college, the rules of writing a great essay are the same.A great hook is always consistent with the writing goals.An example might be a beginning sentence in a good essay on human relations, "You don't forget the face of the person who was your last hope." It is a citation from a world-known book by Suzanne Collins titled "Hunger Games." The fact people used to love this book and supporting movie make this quotation even more interesting and familiar to the readers.


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