Great Gatsby Corruption American Dream Essay

Great Gatsby Corruption American Dream Essay-82
Daisy uses the child as a show item: "I got dressed before luncheon" said the child, turning eagerly towards Daisy.

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Daisy always changes the subject as if she doesn't even notice the child is there. 'Daddy' (Tom) is also never around, he was not there when his child was born.People would turn up just to be seen or reported in the local newspapers "In his blue garden people came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne." This shows the carelessness of the guests.Another quote about the parties refers to the way the guests devour the endless supply of food and never give a thought as to who gave it to them.For example, when the girl comments Jordan's dress, Daisy ignores her and asks her what she thinks about her friends: "Aunt Jordan's got on a white dress too" (said the child). Daisy thinks that Tom is 'brutish' and she has never really liked him.The Great Gatsby is a great portrayal of the corruption of society and the fall of the American Dream.Gatsby gets his fortune through the illegal sale of alcohol ('bootlegging').The sale of alcohol was prohibited in the United States in the 1920s.World War One had just ended and people were reveling in the materialism that came with the end of it, new mass produced commodities such as motor cars and radios were filling people's driveways and houses, money was more accessible (before the Great Depression).Cars were becoming a social symbol in the 1920s as we can see with Gatsby's five cars, one of which he gives to Nick and one of which kills Myrtle Wilson later on in the novel."Every Friday five crates of oranges and Lemons arrived from a fruiterer In New York- Every Monday these same oranges and lemons left his backdoor in a pyramid of pulpless halves." This is also a symbol; it relates the 'pulpless halves' to the rather 'empty' guests, soulless people obsessed by image and wealth, a corruption of the American Dream.Another sign of the fall of the American Dream in The Great Gatsby is the way Gatsby makes his money.


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