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Our group has finally decided that the Enceladus Plumes are the leading candidate for the next search for extraterrestrial life.

Our basis of judgement was the ability to harbor life.

Silica nanograins are created when water and rock are in contact at over 90 degrees Celsius.

Also, heat causes water to rise, like the vents cause the water to rise and be expelled from the ocean in the form of plumes.

Grade: 6 Mount Nittany Middle School State College, Pennsylvania Teacher: Rose Snyder "Of the three choices, Enceladus' Plumes is the most inspiring.

This caught my eye because it reminds me of Yellowstone National Park.Discovering life in outer space could open doors for science, leading us to places we have never ventured.It could answer questions about how life operates in low gravity, how organisms may function with different structures and the different applications of genetic information.The heat vents cause the water and ice to be pushed upward at such high speeds that the geysers can break out of Enceladus' atmosphere. Bacteria prefer a warm habitat like the vents in Earth's oceans, so if we could send out a probe it might find some living organisms similar to the the life forms near Earth's ocean vents.We know there are heat vents because scientists have found nano-particles called silica nanograins in Saturn's E Ring.As well as proving that there is liquid water on Enceladus, we also know that Enceladus is geothermally active from the swaths of new land on it's surface. Organisms would be living under 19-25 miles of ice and approximately 6 miles underwater in order to get the heat from the near-center of the moon.Not only does Enceladus have the requirements for water, an energy source, and a stable environment, but it's Plumes also contain chemicals required for a sustainable environment such as nitrogen, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, and methane.If there is water, that makes it all the more likely that there could be life.In addition, there is the possibility that with enough work, we could have temporary colonies on the surface.We could also learn other ways in which life functions genetically and how it affects the Laws of Evolution.Evolution states that all creatures on the planet came from the same organism, which is why all organisms use DNA.


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