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But they discover that the B-side's inscription now reads "Ellipsis you are." The record is distributed by JEM Records, but Gurewitz creates Epitaph Records."JEM had to buy the records from somebody," says Gurewitz of the label's humble origins.Despite Graffin's later reputation as a devout atheist, the name isn't meant as an attack on religion; rather it's meant to show that religion can be "any kind of social group that prescribes a certain way of thinking." It's also the period in which Gurewitz receives his infamous nickname. After moving out of Ziskrout's parent's place, they try to make a go of it in Bentley's garage, but leave after the cops come by on the first day.

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The trio pen "Sensory Overlord," "World War III" and "Politics," all of which end up on the band's debut EP.

Noticing a lack of bottom end to their sound, Graffin recruits schoolmate Jay Bentley.

No chords, I get to play one string at a time; I can do this easy, all you've got to do is follow the guitar player." The quartet first plays together in Graffin's parent's living room, before moving onto the living room at Ziskrout's.

In a 2010 interview with Bad Religion fan site, Bentley says this is where they came up with the name Bad Religion and the cross-buster logo that they use for the next 30 years.

in 2004 that the Adolescents' Blue and Kids of the Black Hole albums were his biggest influences as far as his writing style. The tape they emerge with makes the rounds, eventually landing in the hands of Lucky Lehrer, drummer for Circle Jerks, an already established So-Cal hardcore band featuring former Black Flag vocalist Keith Morris and guitarist Greg Hetson, who also plays in Redd Kross. Instead the band's first show is at a warehouse party outside Los Angeles opening for Social Distortion, at the time still in their infancy.

Lehrer plays the tape on Bingenheimer's show on KROQ, known for being friendly to local L. With only half-a-dozen songs in their catalogue, they play the same set twice. hardcore, although elements of the band's more melodic sound are there, as is the band's ability to pen political songs that offer more than simple sloganeering.

A.'s influential hardcore scene, helping to bring the underground into the mainstream and then actually benefitting from punk's mid-'90s multi-platinum heights.

Like a punk rock AC/DC, they've maintained razor sharp focus, rarely deviating from a script written when their key figures — singer Greg Graffin, guitarist Brett Gurewitz and bass player Jay Bentley — were 15, becoming a highly respected institution in the process.

He discovers the Ramones via his local independent record store and sees them play at the Hollywood Palladium in 1978, attending the show by himself because no one else at his school has "gone punk." The gig inspires Gurewitz to seek out local shows, but there aren't any in the Valley. At age 12, his parents divorce and he and his brother Grant move with his mother to the San Fernando Valley.

Armed with a driver's license, he sees the Germs at Flipper's Roller Rink in Hollywood. He spends the school year in Southern California and summers in Wisconsin with his father, a pattern that continues throughout his teenage years.


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