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In times like this, people often turn to requests for charity; Or as you may call it, panhandling. The problem is that Kickstarter is centered around kickstarting products, as in, strictly related to something that you will produce and then sell, for a profit. Kickstarter is income-driven, if you have no product to make, they’re not interested.

Few people are comfortable considering the idea of panhandling, or requesting assistance, but there are situations which do call for it. Ok, let’s talk in general about some general guidelines for doing this sort of thing.

Sometimes people need more money than they can make, and it’s as simple as that. Even the government has programs where they give you free cash. Here we enter the idea of internet charity, or in more polarizing terms, “ Both of which have their advantages and disadvantages. There are a lot of reasons that people are afraid to ask for others’ help in paying their bills and costs of living.

Fundly is a website that helps people organize and advertise a fundraising cause that is close to them. Part of it is a culture that emphasizes self-sufficiency, and part of it is the notion that seeking charity is shameful and reflects poorly on oneself.

Otherwise, you will spend your whole life repaying the interest and not the principle amount. Plan your investments, save efficiently, keep an emergency fund and plan your expenses so that you do not overspend.

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It’s an unfortunate truth that sometimes we reach a place in life where our own ways of earning money simply aren’t enough. Generosity Kickstarter is probably the first thing you think about when you hear about “crowdfunding.” And it’s true that Kickstarter really illuminated the world of crowdfunding to the mainstream audience.

If you are unable to borrow from your relatives, then taking a personal loan from the bank is the best option.

Do not pawn off your family jewels or take loan from loan sharks.

Several P2P sites let you get a personal loan from strangers interested in lending to you as a source of investment.

Interest rates, as with many loans, are based on your credit score and can make a big difference in the deal you strike.


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