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That’s certainly part of the package, but in order for student writers to become stronger, they need solid feedback from the pro – that’s you!In that process, though, we can’t overwork ourselves because it takes more time and effort to go that extra mile.The rubric below is an example from our Exploration in Essay Writing course.

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For assignments like drills, multiple choice, and true/false questions or short written responses, you might also want to consider providing your students with the key, have them mark each other’s work (or their own, if you’re opposed to students correcting each other) and submit the assignments back to you.

Review drafts I know this sounds like twice the work, but trust me.

Rather, devote some class time to reviewing that information with them, offering examples, and answering questions.

Don’t underestimate the little things I collect homework assignments during every class, and so keeping track of everything can be a real challenge.

Writing rubrics are guidelines that allow teachers and students to be on the same page when it comes to writing an essay.

Rubrics give reference points as to what should be included in the essay to achieve the highest grade possible.My teaching style is engaging, student-centered, collaborative, hands-on, critical-thinking inducing, fun, innovative, and standards-driven.Connect with me at my Tp T store, at my blog, on Facebook, or on Instagram. (Get started reading that series here at the first post.) Below I’m sharing five practical tips for managing the load. A little while back, I did a series on teaching writing, so I’d like to think of this post as an encore to those ideas.Prepare an answer key or grading guide in advance The key/guide is really worth the time and fuss—I had to learn this the hard way.If your course instructor provides you with a rubric, consider yourself lucky (even if you don’t agree with all the details).If they don’t, make a list of the things you will be specifically looking for in each question.If you’re unclear, don’t hesitate to reach out to your supervisor or fellow TAs for help.This essay-grading burden is unique to the high school English teacher (and that is not to say that no other teacher has stacks of papers to grade). I have presented at numerous conferences, workshops, and trainings on various best teaching practices.However, most other subjects aren’t assigning 500 word essays as their unit’s culminating task multiple times a semester. Additionally, I have several articles published in national teaching journals.


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