Homework In Middle School

The nightly hour many middle schoolers spend on homework adds up to about 180 hours over a school year.

That could explain why devoting more time to homework doesn’t automatically improve grades.

In these situations, I believe students would probably be better off learning the material in class with their teacher before going home and trying it on their own.

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That is because doing more homework to practice things you know can help you get better and faster at doing those things.

From what I’ve seen with my own students, those who seem to spend a lot of time on homework are usually struggling to understand what they are being asked to do.

One benefit is what happens when students get back this extra time after school: There’s more time for sports, music, books and friends.

Everyone needs a break after a long day of work, after all.

The most commonly accepted guidelines recommend one hour for middle school and two hours for high school.

However, I think this amount of time on homework every day can be too much.


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