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Here’s a list of some other functions an exceptional work schedule app can fulfill.

Employees can simply clock in and out on their phones, and the app can keep track of the hours that each person works.

Professional-level features — like unlimited jobs, alarms and notifications, and even schedule sharing via Facebook, Twitter, or email — make this a useful app for scheduling employees.

Users can even add up hours worked and wages earned with Work Time’s hours calculator.

Yes, it can be forced to work for multiple people and complex scheduling, but why go to the effort of pushing a square peg into a round hole?

As the name implies, Work Time is all about scheduling and tracking work time.

All of these helpful features shrink scheduling from a mountain to a molehill.

But the advantages of a work schedule app don’t stop at scheduling.

Like other scheduling apps, employees can be entered as tasks and color-coded to set them apart from each other.

Users can then view the schedule by day, week, or even month.


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