How To Write A Book Review Essay

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While writing a book report, you should aim to illustrate that you went through the book and caught the author’s point of view. Book review not just a plot summary or a book report but a commentary.

The review is an observation of the style, content, strength and limitation of a book.

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With all that said, the introduction of your critique might be as follows: Depending on a literary work you criticize, the essay introduction may be 1-2 sentences or… No strict rules exist for the number of paragraphs you should write in a critique’s body.

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It depends on your assignment’s specifics and a novel you need to evaluate.

Menu Writing a book report or a book review on a fictional book you would need to reflect on characters, plot, setting, theme and style of the book.

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Such tasks allow enhancing the brain functions and critical thinking, encourage youngsters to read books, and help them shape an opinion on literary works.

A critique of a novel is a type of college papers that gives a critical assessment of literary works.


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