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On the other hand, in Plutarch’s The Life of Caesar Caesar receives word that his friend, Brutus, is leading a group that is plotting to kill him. What Caesar meant was that he knew Brutus would never do such a thing because he was not “? ‘ So once again Caesar shrugs of the warning and this is his fatal mistake. In this comparison, the two biographies are similar. Also in both accounts Caesar grows angry when two tribunes, Marullus and Flavius, remove decorations from Caesar’s statues and arrests the man who declared Caesar king. He deprived Marullus and Flavius of their tribuneship and in speaking against them he insulted the people at the same time”? The most important similarity is that in both accounts, the people hate Caesar and this hate is eventually acted on.“And once, when the conspiracy was already formed and some people were actually accusing Brutus to Caesar of being involved in it, Caesar laid his hand on his body and said to the accusers: “? The major difference between these two biographies is the different versions of Caesar’s assassination. ‘/ [As Casca strikes, the others rise up and stab Caesar. Although Plutarch doesn’t come out and say he thought Caesar’s death was justified he does seem to lean in that direction. Julius Caesar lived in a time when education and literature were just beginning to boom. The transitionform Judaism to the full acceptance of Christs teaching was not easy of Peter.

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He was strong and stubborn before the notion that Samaritans and Gentilescould be Christians without first becoming Jews and circumcised. This featured Julius Caesar Essay Conclusion is one of many example essays available on this topic. His name is uniformly the last in the list of theapostles, as given in the synoptic Gospels. Theophilus Lover of God, a Christian, probably a Roman, to whom Lukededicated both his Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles. From the fact that Luke applies to him the title mostexcellent, the same title Paul uses in addressing Felix and Festus, it hasbeen concluded that Theophilus was a person of rank, perhaps a Roman officer (Henneke).2. He was to prepare a way for themessiah by baptizing people into repentance. Once convinced, however, he tried to standwith Paul on the question of admitting Gentiles to the church (Alexander). John He was the younger brother of James, and an apostle. Although this is the case, Plutarch and Shakespeare’s portrayals of Caesar and the events that encompass his life are quite different. Therefore, it can be assumed that his account of the life of Caesar in The Lives of the Twelve Caesars is fairly accurate.So when Shakespeare and Plutarch’s biographies are compared with Suetonius’ work, Plutarch comes out the winner in validity.His wife Calphurnia had a dream involving his murder and his statue spouting blood, a soothsayer told him to “? Shakespeare omits and changes facts about Caesar to make Caesar a tragic hero. Caesar, finding that the experiment had proved a failure, rose from his seat and ordered the wreath to be carried to the Capitol”? Basically Caesar wanted to see what the people thought of him gaining supreme power and when he found that they were against him it made him angry.eware the ides of March and there were many omens prophesizing a horrible event, but Caesar just shrugs off these warnings and goes about his business. For example, Shakespeare uses Antony’s speech at Caesar’s funeral to discredit the early claim by Brutus that Caesar was ambitious. I thrice presented him a kingly crown, / Which he did thrice refuse. As Shakespeare’s work can be compared to Plutarch’s, so can Plutarch’s work be compared to Suetonious. In both, The Life of Caesar and The Lives of the Twelve Caesars Caesar is expressed as being ambitious and as having a desire to gain supreme authority. In both accounts Caesar offends the people and senate by refusing to stand when the consuls approached him. Peter was a quick, perceptive, and impulsive man, given tobursts of enthusiasm-and depression. He and John wanted fire from heaven to punish the Samaritans. He became a martyr and was crucified upsidedown (Henneke). He went with Christ to the garden of Gethsemane before the crucifixion. Jesus allowed only Peter, John, and James to be present at thehealing of Jarius' daughter. It is suggested that he became the patron-saint of Russia (Lockyer). Phillip He was an apostle but not much was known of him after that. Thomas The apostle who was given the name the doubter (Alexander).


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