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You must Compile the manuscript in Scrivener and then use whatever biblio manager and typesetter you normally use.The following two posts are quite helpful for getting started on configuring Scrivener to output in Latex.It actually looks more complicated than it really is.

You must Compile the manuscript in Scrivener and then use whatever biblio manager and typesetter you normally use.

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I have my work computer and my laptop, and I work on them both.

I need to keep all the files synchronized between the two computers, and also would like to keep a revision history. I'm also not collaborating with anyone on this text.

In some universities that are yet to implement ETD, processing paper manuscripts eats into a significant portion of academic resources.

Students have to submit multiple hard copies of their work, technicians sweat over the formatting and commercial binding for hours, librarians spend days doing manual cataloguing and archival — all this effort only to have it line library shelves and, in most cases, collect dust.

If your Ph D advisor wants to see the draft first thing in the morning, yes you could stash/stage/commit your current changes, use tags or search through the log, but why not keep separate branches?!

Lets say your master branch has the "releasable" state of your work.You can then push/pull from either computer to your dropbox to stay up to date on all ends.This system usually only works when the number of collaborators are small since there is a possibility of corruption if people try to push to the dropbox repo at the same time.Typeset addresses several of the challenges currently inherent in most ETD flows.Its distraction-free, research writing focused, clean interface is easily and enthusiastically adopted by most university students. Typeset creates thesis templates that are 100% compliant to the institution’s formatting guidelines.How can branching be fitted in this working scheme? Even though one branch is being worked on at a time, I find it beneficial to have separate branches for different states of work. Your master branch is always in a “releasable” state (or as close as you are in that moment).Is there a way to compare two versions of the same file? For example, imagine sending a good rough draft of your paper to your advisor. You want to start changing some core concepts, re-work some major sections, etc. So while your other branch is crazy and has some drastic changes, if another publisher wants to see what you have, or you’re a student submitting to a conference, the master branch is always releasable, ready to go (or ready to show your advisor).Here’s a typical thesis’s journey through Typeset:riting — The student writes her manuscript in Typeset’s editor.Typeset’s intuitive editor is built exclusively for research writing, unlike all other word processors.ETD has since been adopted by thousands of universities globally.Though there are several customizations available, a typical simplistic flowchart of the ETD workflow looks like this: Typeset serves as a single institutional platform for research publishing, aiding students, researchers and librarians through the entire publication cycle — from writing, to submission, to review, to archival and, finally, to publishing.


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