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By this logic, sacrifice is, at its very core, a necessity in life; however, it is also a gray area...

The creation of mankind is a widely debatable question that brings conflict to the believers as well as the non-believers.

Like many liberal Catholics, I was delighted with the changes he introduced into Catholic life, such as a more ecumenical spirit and masses in one’s native language instead of Latin.

One of the highlights of my six months in Europe with the U. Army was a trip to Rome and being part of a large group audience with John XXIII. dissertation subject, I decided to write on the ecumenical religious and philosophic Russian thinker, Vladimir Soloviev (1853-1900), who was also a vigorous opponent of nationalism and the strongest Russian critic of anti-Semitism (see here for my 1970 article on him and Russia’s Jews).

He does not lose his belief in God, in whatever form He may take, although...

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Equivalent exchange, an absolute law in nature, dictates that one must give up something so that one may gain something that is equal in value.Along with religion I believe science has an important role too.I believe that religion and science are compatible even with their disagreements.With the Catholic John Kennedy as president (1961-1963) and imbibing the liberal Catholic spirit of Georgetown as a graduate student from 1962 to 1967, it was a good time to be a Catholic. During my three years at Wheeling College, I knew many good Catholic priests and laypersons, and in general the college took part in the ecumenical spirit of the times.Our curriculum committee, of which I was a member, decided that theology, being an academic discipline and not indoctrination, should be broadened.His faith in God proves to be a crucial part in Pi’s survival as it guides him through his ordeal. In tough times, it seems that many people turn to their faith.In moments of weakness, when it seems that everything is lost, many people find that a certain hope remains in God. Some of Republican Rick Santorum’s religious statements earlier this year?But religion is not only a fit subject for public discourse, but also a very personal matter. One is Bill Keller of The New York Times, and the other is physicist and former Oberlin College president Robert Fuller in a series of essays that are appearing on the LA Progressive. Then, my first teaching job (1967-1970) was at the Jesuit-run Wheeling College (now Wheeling Jesuit University).We question our existence very often, but the truth of the matter is that no one knows the exact answer.Seeking the answer is an act of curiosity that disorients and sometimes overwhelms our current beliefs.


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