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Perhaps it would be better if we put aside what has happened until after the war?Goodbye, Love from Cecil (As Dora suggested, they waited six months to be sure, and then went ahead with their engagement.

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It was so thick that soldiers could disappear into it never to be seen again. A pair of rodents could produce as many as 900 young a year in trench conditions so soldiers attempts to kill them were futile.

80,000 British Army soldiers suffered from shell shock over the course of the war.

It is horrible of me to talk like this but I am telling you all – it made me realise that I do love you Cecil – oh, that I could see you again now – but I cannot tell if I love you as much as you love me. I should like to get to know you yourself better and then at the end of six months if I am quite sure of my own mind and I have that sacred love for you that only man and woman can have I would promise definitely to become your wife.

If you think differently from what you told me on Monday do be sure and tell me and we will carry on as before and be chums and I will be just the same to you. All I can say is that I just love you with my whole heart.

The British and the French recruited manpower from non-belligerent China to support the troops with manual labour.

Life In The Trenches Essay Letter

Their most important task was digging the trenches in WW1.Please tell me your [sur]name as I have forgotten it.Yours, Dick Frau S to her husband’s commanding officer 2 January 1917 Dear Leader of the Company!Anyway, forgive me if you can, and I trust that you will still let us be friends, whatever happens. He would have waited in honour bound until you came home. Trusting this will find you in the best of health, I remain, Yours Very Sincerely, Ivy Dick to Molly Dear Molly, A Happy Christmas.I am sending this to my aunt to forward to you as I do not know the address.I would not dream of marrying if I had not a sound body.That is one reason why I’m such a rotter for having asked you in the middle of the war.Think of it – and then think if you had got the wrong girl how awful it would be – it would be tragic.When I went to bed I overheard Father tell Mother that your affaire you are going to do out there was jolly risky – I began to think and then realised if you never came back and I never saw you again – what I should do and what I should feel like.I would not hurt you dear unless I could help it, but unfortunately we cannot control our own feelings.Will you believe me when I say that I am very sorry, for I am, more so than perhaps you think.


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