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In response, LIM College offers a dynamic, online curriculum that allows you to fulfill your academic and professional goals from a distance, wherever and whenever you are ready to learn.Learn more about the Fashion Merchandising BBA and the Fashion Merchandising & Management AAS online degree programs.

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The Harvard Crimson: While working on “Crazy Rich Asians,” how did you balance making sure you had a broad range of representation but also making sure that, at its core, the story was universal?

Adele Lim: Most people don’t approach work thinking, “I’m going to do a diverse project.” I think that you want to tell an authentic project, whatever it is.

They’re also dedicated teachers who care about your professional and personal success.

Faculty Enhance your cultural knowledge and broaden your horizons while you study the business of fashion.

Covering all aspects of the business of fashion, these focused majors prepare them to succeed in the competitive, fast-paced fashion industry.

LIM College faculty members are published authors, nationally known experts, in-demand speakers and experienced professionals in every aspect of the business of fashion.I wanted to ask how you developed that dynamic and how your own experiences might’ve informed that.AL: It was very interesting for me because I’ve been on both sides of the coin.Whether you participate in tutoring sessions or browse the library holdings, we’re here to set you up for success.Adele Lim is a writer and producer for film and television, whose credits include co-writing the screenplay for “Crazy Rich Asians,” adapted from Kevin Kwan’s novel.That’s an angle we wanted to explore with Eleanor: Her issue with Rachel wasn’t just being a stereotypical, evil-for-no-reason mother-in-law, but a fear that her family was going to break apart after everything she sacrificed to keep it together.THC: You’ve discussed proving yourself by writing white stories in your own Hollywood career path.Choose a short-term travel program or semester abroad to add an invaluable experience to your life at LIM College.Study Abroad Achieve your academic and personal potential with support and information provided by LIM College’s academic resources.I grew up in Malaysia, and I didn’t come here until I was 19.It was fascinating to me how a lot of Asian Americans who grew up here very much felt like the other, and [I] wanted to lean into that and see how that was different.


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