Love Vs Hate Essay

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Why could they not nibble on the resources without getting on each other's paths just like the gazelles? I specify because of their obsession over superiority.

The humans have a preposterous urge to establish their dominance and prove their superiority.

However, just two mantras can solve all the problems: “Don't hate” and “Care about lives over self-interests” Instilling these two values is of utmost significance.

A man guided by these codes always has his conscience showing him the righteous path. are generated from severe hatred towards dissimilar ideologies to the point that one loses all moral grounds.

Dust engulfs the intense air, the drumming of the hooves sound the battle cry as they charge forward in supersonic speed. The situation is as taught in physics - two forces of equal magnitude opposing each other gives no resultant force leading to a stationary position, or in this case a stalemate. Both forces tentatively take a few steps backwards, remaining vigilant to every gesture of their antagonist.

Their horns clash with colossal force, striving to throw each other off-balance. Their urge to claim the pasture fades as they contemplate the consequences of a prolonged fight.We learn to hate that spoilt brat who refuses to study unlike us. Little had he known that every leap forward would turn to a plunge into the darkness.We learn to hate the rich snobbish kid in school who has ten times as many Pokémon or duel masters cards as us or the “nerds” who don't have a life. Growing up, we start hating people who don't share the same ideologies or even support the same football club. We cannot help but ponder, “is the world living peacefully even an option?SOPHEA URBI BISWAS Place: 1st Let us imagine taking a step into the savannah region in Central Africa in the heart of a winter season.Two distinct gazelle families stand erect face to face in front of the last remnant of the essence of autumn- a promising patch of green grass.Both parties warily retreat, ending up nibbling in the grass from different directions, not getting in each other's ways.Now let us imagine the same situation by replacing the gazelles with two countries that are neighbouring, the pasture with a territory enriched with deposits of oil and natural gas falling in the boundary of the two countries, and the time being a time when the fossil fuels are running out fast, a time such as now.Sitting in the 21st century, we fortunately see infrequent incidents like these.The more threatening talking-point of the current tide is the influx of terrorism generated from conflict of interest and intolerance.Is it not fascinating that the answer seems so obvious? Fingers tense on the triggers of rifles as unpinned grenades bloom a vortex of explosions.Borders are breached, men of opposing forces shot, women of vanquished territories abused, innocent children stranded to starve to death.


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