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As a result, when he was 19 years old Mohandas traveled to England where he studied law at the University College London.

When Britain put a tax on salt, Gandhi decided to walk 241 miles to the sea in Dandi to make his own salt. Gandhi also fought for civil rights and liberties among Indian people.

A BOOK PROJECT ON MAHATMA GANDHI(Submission Deadline 15th August, 2019) Dear Sir / Madam, The 150th Anniversary of the birth of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is as much a cause forcelebration as for reflection on the future of this globe we inhabit.

5) Nonviolence Before Gandhi and Nonviolence After Gandhi,6) Gandhi and the problem of “Dirty Hands”7) Gandhi and Transitional Justice,8) Gandhi and Criminal Justice Reform,9) Gandhi and Just War Theory,10) Gandhi and “Fake News”,11) Gandhi: Life and Accomplishments,12) Gandhi in the New Millennium,13) Gandhian Literature and Culture,14) Gandhi in Media and Popular Culture,15) Gandhi in the Age of Doubt and Despair,16) Gandhi and Conflict Transformation,17) Gandhi and Responsibility Studies,18) Gandhian Philosophy and Ethics,19) Gandhi and Religion,20) Gandhi and Hind Swaraj,21) Gandhi and Tagore,22) Gandhi and Ruskin,23) Gandhi and Tolstoy,24) Gandhi and Environmental Studies,25) Gandhi and Nationalism, Gandhi and Human Rights,26) Gandhi and Civic Awareness,27) Gandhi and Democracy,28) Gandhi and Village Development, While committed to publishing articles that will advance scholarship in any discipline relevantto Gandhi Studies, the editors are especially interested in areas of research that have crossdisciplinaryrelevance or new implications for this significant field of scholarly interest.

Submissionsof a comparative or theoretical nature will receive serious and respectful consideration.

Each of these protests may seem small by themselves, but when most of the population does them at once, they can have an enormous impact.

Gandhi was put in prison several times for organizing these protests.

Unfortunately, Mohandas' law practice wasn't successful, so he took a job with an Indian Law firm and moved to South Africa to work out of the South African law office.

It was in South Africa where Gandhi would experience racial prejudice against Indians and would begin his work in civil rights. Once back in India, Gandhi led the fight for Indian independence from the British Empire.

He came from an upper class family and his father was a leader in the local community.

As was tradition where he grew up, Mohandas' parents arranged a marriage for him at the age of 13.


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