Marriage Life Essay

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People select their life partners on their own or through the recommendations of their family and Church and eneter the holy bond of marriage.

Christian marriages are typically governed by the Bible that lays certain rules to preserve the sanctity of the marriage.

W e need to experience the hardships of living independently, earning a wage to pay bills and feed yourself, learning to take care of yourself and living life to the fullest and as best as possible.

The year of experience gained from single-hood perpares a person for marriage.

Studies show that a significant number of the young population becomes sexually active at a relatively young age.

But they have a low level of knowledge and practiced unprotected sex which placed them at a higher risk of unwanted pregnancies, abortion, sexually transmitted infections and other reproductive health problems.

Banaue, Ifugao - The Provincial Population and Sustainable Development Division (PPSDD) has lined up activities to address the high incidence of teenage pregnancy and early marriage among the youth in the province.

For the incidence of early marriage in the province (age 20 and below), there are at least 375 recorded cases in 2010.

All true Christians usually get married in wedding chapels or churches to tie the bond in the presence of the Holy Bible (Sofsian, 2007).

Teenage wedding is a growing socioeconomic concern.


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