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We work hard to create unique, interesting and helpful academic materials that would help students get better grades in high schools, colleges and universities. There are math topics that include a wide range of genres you can choose from.

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You may be surprised to discover how much more you will learn by summarizing your research experience! Following the guide is a sample write up so you can see how one person wrote about her research experience and shared her results.

If you have ever looked at a mathematics journal to see how mathematicians write up new results, you may have found that everything seemed neat and polished. A formal mathematics research paper includes a number of sections.

Note that not all mathematical research reports contain all of the sections.

For example, you might not have any appendices to include or you may not do a literature review.

Unless you’re planning on getting a job as a building designer, Euclid Proofs won’t serve much of a purpose writing about them as a coursework topic.

Firstly, we'd like to note that we our writing guides and manuals are offered free of charge.

You can get suggestions from someone who is on the same page as you; someone who would have an idea of the type of content you could research based on academic level.

While many students struggle to find a good math topic for their research, it may help to bounce ideas off of each other since it could be helpful to others.

Even if you truly hate math, you can’t just write a coursework on it and expect your mathematical problems to be better.

Even though we’ve been learning how to perform long division since the fifth or sixth grade, it actually has very limited application in the real world.


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