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Focus on what you’ll accomplish by earning your MBA and how those skills in particular will enable you to progress.For long-term goals, be ambitious but don’t be unrealistic.

If you talk about your plans to “become a business leader,” “make the world a better place,” or “maximize profits,” you will disappear into the crowd.

If, on the other hand, you sketch out a year-by-year plan for the remainder of your career, you’ll often come across as unrealistic or worse, pompous.

To really impress them, you need to dig a bit deeper – try to find at least one particular aspect of the school that you believe really matches something about you, and then explain that fit in your essay.

This may be a particular faculty member, a class or learning method, scheduling option, or any number of other things.

By digging beyond the basics, though, you’ll make your essay much more compelling.

Also, don’t forget to explain how that aspect of this program connects to you.

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Prompts of this type are relatively common, and are looking to see whether you can eloquently describe why you will be a good “fit” at a particular institution.

In addition, you might want to even note a particular deficiency in your skill set right now, and then show how an MBA is the best (or only) way for you to fill that gap and prepare for the next step in your career.

This is a tricky prompt, since it’s difficult to find a balance between a goals statement that is too vague and one that is too detailed. What often happens then is that their goals sound clichéd, since they’re applicable to a huge number of people.


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