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So, even if the body part paragraphs have different focuses, interconnect them with one common issue.Simply put, to stay on track of the topic, regularly refer to the thesis statement.

So, one of our main tips is not to go far and not to make your essay pretentious.

When the topic is decided, formulate the main ideas you would like to highlight in writing.

But, to stand out from the crowd, try to look at the subject matter from a different angle — that will give you additional "points."If you write for a specific course, and the professor wants to check the level of your knowledge, things can go differently.

For instance, you can be assigned to write about a particular book or movie. In this case, remember that you won't get a grade for this essay.

Here, the success lies in how well you have conveyed the topic in previous paragraphs.

In conclusion, don't jump to a new concept or finish your assignment with another evidence.

So, you are free to write any thought you have, and even that can demonstrate your competence and skills.

The main body of your essay is the most important part. The professor evaluating it can watch the development of your thoughts and the analysis you conduct and know what issues you are interested in.

Your diagnostic assignment will have a standard content: introduction, body part, and conclusion. Hence, we'll discuss how to work on diagnostic essay parts to come up with a writing that will satisfy your professor and help to improve your papers easily. You will need to evaluate your competence objectively and pick a subject matter that is broad enough but gives you some freedom to express any original and more specific ideas.

Also, since you will work on a diagnostic essay in class, remember that you won't have a possibility to do research — you apply the at-hand knowledge only.


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