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The requirement to relocate and the insufficiency of fully-funded spots are just two of many reasons why MFA degrees are not possible for many people, as Emily O’Neill explains in this essay about how she nurtures a writing life outside of the academy. It often makes me feel like the man on that mortifying date to admit this to writers I don’t know well.So many people who write are academics or at least aspiring to an MFA or Ph D, and mentioning I don’t feel specifically drawn to the demands of graduate school is often seen as a sin against literature.

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The experience taught me that society, white America specifically, regularly asks minorities and people of color to tokenize and exploit themselves, talking about their cultural backgrounds in a marketable way in order to gain acceptance into programs and institutions we are otherwise barred from.

How do writers balance the challenge of seeking publication in a difficult fast-paced market while nurturing their craft?

I’m an instructor at the university where I attend the best nonfiction writing program in the country, and I make approximately $18,000 a year before taxes.

When I was denied a second teaching assistantship at the university this summer for the upcoming school year even though I already had signed a contract with the offering department, my director explained that it was in the school’s best interests to look after my best interests, and my best interest was to make sure that I had time [to] write my thesis.

It’s time to do away with this distinction between the MFAs and the non-MFAs, the unfree and the free, the caged and the wild.

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Once we do, perhaps we can venture a new, less normative distinction, based not on the writer’s educational background but on the system within which she earns (or aspires to earn) her living: MFA or NYC.After two years, Minda Honey longs to escape from the whiteness of her MFA program, and plans a trip to four national parks, not realizing that “80% of National Parks visitors and employees are white.” Weaving together moments from her travels and memories from her writing program, Honey lays bare the lack of diversity in both spaces.When I’d first started my MFA program, I thought it would be an escape from the oppressive whiteness of Corporate America.Teaching Fellows are required to take English 700 Practicum in the Teaching of Writing.Students in the MFA Program have the opportunity to intern or volunteer at a variety of cultural organizations and events, such as the PEN World Voices Festival, the National Book Foundation, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and others. Students also have the opportunity to work in a variety of volunteer positions at the Poetry Project. Near the end of my MFA, someone asked what my plans were after graduation.Before allowing me to answer, he said, somewhat wistfully, that he thought I should move to New York City and “live a little” before writing anything else. in Creative Writing is a terminal degree program designed to help meet the needs of students as they seek to become published writers and teachers. in Creative Writing, the focal point of the curriculum is the writing workshop.In literature and theory classes, students look closely at the links between contemporary writing and literary traditions, writing and theory, and between writing, reading, music, and the visual arts. in Creative Writing will be prepared to seek publishing and performance venues for their work and thus participate more widely in the ongoing conversations that make up literary traditions and lineages. degree, will serve them well in future writing and teaching jobs.Instead of moving to New York City, I did what might be considered the opposite; I started a Ph D in creative writing in the middle of Oklahoma, which I’m finishing up now.During my years here, I’ve certainly grown as a writer and a teacher, and had the opportunity to build lasting relationships with people who have supported me in innumerable ways.


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