Midsummer Night'S Dream Character Analysis Essay

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Audience members generally support the relationship between Lysander and Hermia—partly because her father does not.

They are struck by his indifference to his daughter’s happiness: He prefers that she die rather than be happy with a man of whom he does not approve.

According to Benedetto (1999), Hermia should get married to Demetrius “….fit (the) fancies of (her) father’s will, or else the law of Athens yields (her) up, which by no means we may extenuate, to death or to a vow of single life” (1.1. She questions Hermia on what makes Demetrius love her so much and what she should do about it. Helena further shows that she is jealous of Hermia.

She wants to know how to get Demetrius to fall in love with her like he is with Hermia. She cannot understand why all of Athens proclaims her beauty and fairness yet Demetrius chooses to fall in love with Hermia.

derives from the attempt of Lysander and Hermia to remain together while overcoming the “blocking figure” (the adult authority figure who attempts to hinder the love of a young couple).

The overcoming of an obstacle (in this case, Egeus) functions as a common motif in Renaissance comedy.Oberon, already coupled with Titania, feels compelled to control her by possessing her changeling, of whom he is jealous.The rude mechanicals choose poorly by deciding to perform a lover’s tragedy at a wedding celebration, yet the choice may not be far-fetched in terms of the plot.The theme of love has been explored by many literature scholars.Shakespeare is one of the literature icons who in his works explored this theme.Although this comedy ends happily, much of the play demonstrates the potential for tragedy. Helena could have ended up with both suitors while Hermia lost both.Oberon could have remained in his bitter struggle with Titania, who, in turn, could have remained in love with an ass (Bottom). Part of the comic charm of the play derives from the fact that the complications work out so that the conclusion, which could be unhappy, results in joy, marriage, and order. Athens represents the order of a civilized society, while the forest symbolizes disorder and chaos.Hermia on the other hand wants to get married to the lovely Lysander and so they decide to elope rather than hang around. She is desperately seeking his attention and love but does not get it.By decree, Hermia is supposed to either die or be sent to a nunnery if she does not obey her father’s wish to marry Demetrius. Her desperation first shows when she approaches Hermia and asks her what to do about Demetrius.The audience must wonder, however, whether Lysander and Hermia, as well as Demetrius and Helena, actually love each other.While it is the love potion that alters the objects of the men’s affections, one may interpret the juice as a metaphor for lovers’ inconstancy.


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