Mimo Ofdm Thesis Report

The reduction in PAPR of the OFDM signal is obtained through a proper selection of a pulse shaping scheme that distributes the power of each modulated symbol over the OFDM block such that the average power of OFDM signal will not be far from individual symbol power.The obtained results show that this pulse shaping scheme is an attractive solution to the PAPR problem of OFDM signals.

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In the transmitter side, the signal is spreaded and in the receiver side, the signal is de spreaded to recover the original signal.

Turbo code is analyzed in detail and comparison is between turbo code and convolution code is done. PAPR REDUCTION IN OFDM SYSTEM USING PULSE SHAPING TECHNIQUE (2008)By: Prakash Bahadur Shahi Abstract: Orthogonal-frequency-division-multiplexing (OFDM) technique allow the transmission of high data rates over broadband radio channels subject to multipath fading without the need for powerful channel equalization.

Masters Thesis in Information and Communication Engineering supervised by Daya Sagar Baral are:1.

IMPLEMENTATION OF TURBO CODE IN CDMA 2000 (2008)By: Damador Kandel Abstract: For the reliable communication, channel coding is employed.

The good improvement in PAPR given by the present technique permits the reduction of the complexity and cost of the transmitter significantly.

The pulse shaping schemes also take advantage of the frequency variations of the communication channel and can provide considerable performance gain in fading-multipath channels. STUDY AND SIMULATION OF MIMO (2009)By: Amit Khanal Abstract: Over recent years the MIMO (multiple input multiple output) has become a popular technique in wireless communication.

For simulation Rayleigh channel model has been considered with BPSK (binary phase shift keying) modulation at transmitting end. PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF 3GPP LONG TERM EVOLUTION (2010)By: Kamal Lamichhane Abstract: Uplink and downlink modulation techniques in long term evolution (LTE) are SCFDMA and OFDMA.

SCFDMA has different subcarrier mapping techniques and hence SCFDMA can be analyzed under these different subcarrier mapping techniques.

Turbo code as a powerful coding technique has been widely studied and used in communication system.

Turbo code is implemented in forward link of CDMA 2000.


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