My Funeral Essay

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The speaker has a momentary impression that reason “sense” is escaping or being lost.

The pressure of the treading is reasserted with the repetition, “beating, beating.” This time her mind, the source of reasoning, goes “numb,” a further deterioration in her condition.

People’s lives testify to their beliefs as much or more than their words.

Their habits paint a picture of what they really put stock in: friendship or an ideal of excellence or security or wealth or whatever it is that animates them.

When I learned that among the many items he never lost was his temper, the word “saintly” crossed my mind. There was never a question of my not going to this service. One of my cousins said she thought of putting on her mother’s tombstone: “She sure had fun.”I wish I had asked my aunt what she believed. But she was not one for introspection or philosophizing. Empathetic and emotional, she was also pragmatic and levelheaded.

For one thing, she was my aunt, and I only had two of them. She and her husband lived 600 miles away in Denver, where they moved in a constant whirl of activity. He was witty and quick, with deadpan humor and superb timing. Nobody teared up more quickly about the misfortunes of friends or strangers alike than her.In other words, her hold on rationality was insecure.She falls past “worlds,” which may stand for her past. The Milford location is one of six Lynch funeral homes in the state.This is the edited transcript of interviews conducted with hin during the winter and spring of 2006-2007.I Felt a Funeral in My Brian “I felt a funeral in my brain” by Emily Dickinson traces the speaker’s descent into madness.It is a terrifying poem for both the speaker and the reader.The speaker experiences the loss of self in the chaos of the unconscious, and the reader experiences the speaker’s descending madness and the horror most of us feel about going crazy.Dickinson uses the metaphor of a funeral to represent the speaker’s sense that a part of her is dying. For more than 30 years he also has been the director of the Lynch & Sons funeral home in the small town of Milford, Mich.It has always been a family-owned and -operated firm, founded by Thomas Lynch's father, Edward Joseph Lynch.


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