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In addition to his experimental fiction and nonfiction novels, Mailer produced a play version of The Deer Park (staged at the Theatre De Lys in Greenwich Village in 1967).), and in the late 1960s, directed a number of improvisational avant-garde films in a Warhol style, including Maidstone (1970), which includes a brutal brawl between Norman T.Kingsley, played by himself, and Rip Torn that may or may not have been planned.

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In 1980, Mailer spearheaded convicted killer Jack Abbott's successful bid for parole.His 1973 biography of Monroe was particularly controversial: In its final chapter he stated that she was murdered by agents of the FBI and CIA who resented her supposed affair with Robert F. He later admitted that these speculations were "not good journalism." Mailer was a leading figure of the New Journalism, which reflects the tendency toward greater versimilitude in modern art.He appeared in an episode of Gilmore Girls entitled, "Norman Mailer, I'm Pregnant! New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the Wikipedia article in accordance with New World Encyclopedia standards.His biographical subjects have included Pablo Picasso and Lee Harvey Oswald.His 1986 off-Broadway play, Strawhead, starring his daughter, Kate, was about Marilyn Monroe.Once paroled, Abbott committed a murder in New York City six weeks after his release, stabbing to death 22-year-old Richard Adan.Consequently, Mailer was subject to criticism for his role; in a 1992 interview, in the Buffalo News, he conceded that his involvement was "another episode in my life in which I can find nothing to cheer about or nothing to take pride in." In 1989, Mailer joined with a number of other prominent authors in publicly expressing support for colleague Salman Rushdie in the wake of the fatwa, or death sentence, issued against Rushdie by Iran's Islamic government for his having authored The Satanic Verses.It was initially rejected by six publishers due to its sexual content.In the mid-1950s, Mailer became increasingly known for his counter-culture essays.Norman Mailer (born Norman Kingsley Mailer) was born to a well-known Jewish family in Long Branch, New Jersey.His father, Isaac Barnett Mailer, was a South Africa-born accountant, and his mother, Fanny Schneider, ran a housekeeping and nursing agency. He was brought up in Brooklyn, New York, graduated from Boys' High School and entered Harvard University in 1939, where he studied aeronautical engineering.


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