Nurse Entrance Essay

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Different nurses earn different wages, depending on their specialty. I hope to be a general nurse practitioner, they earn around $107,460 annually. When I finally figured out what I wanted, I got a chance to volunteer at a clinic within my locality.

I had a chance to interact with more professionals and my conviction rose.

People get into different careers for a variety of reasons.

Personally, after having the talk with the nurse, I decided to do some research about the profession.

This is not all nurses though, there are wonderful nurses out there and I intend to be among them in the future.

At elementary school, almost every student typically has a dream of what profession they hope to take up when they become adults: Although it’s not always that we all get the jobs we hoped for, by the time that we’re graduating from college, the majority of people will have taken a different career path, and often for the greater good.One thing is certain though, nursing is not for the faint of heart and requires a lot of sacrifice and patience.Dealing with people is not easy especially when you’re offering services.My research led me to match the traits with some of my skills and I knew that it is what I want to do.The listed are traits that every nurse needs to be in a position to take good care of patients.Other than the volunteer work being an inspiration, it made me realize that palliative care is actually fun and not as stressful as most individuals perceive.Why I want to become a nurse essay highlights the fact that my decision to be one is driven by the desire to care for and help those that are unwell from illnesses.For a nurse, it is even more challenging considering that they are dealing with people in pain who at times tend to be rude and harsh.A professional nurse understands that these people are just in pain and scared.The truth is, doing something that you don’t love will be depressing not just to you but to those around you too.When you love what you do, you help make a difference and enjoy it.


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