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Explore how Dickens depicts the evil aspects of human nature with particular reference to two characters.The son of John and Elizabeth Dickens, Charles was born in Portsmouth on 7 February 1812, the second of eight children.

I also interpretated that he his ignorant as he described as a choleric.

Combining the interpretation that he was fat and ignorant, I personally thought that he possessed authority and power.

The Poor Law was introduced by the Prime Minister, Earl Grey.

The Poor Law should have been introduced to help the poor but instead it made their life a living hell.

Charles Dickens wrote the novel Oliver Twist, which was begun in 1837 and continued until April 1839, in which he expresses his concerns of the social context of his time.

Dickens is concerned for the corruption of law and the consequences it leads to, therefore I have chosen Bumble and Fagin to show how dickens depicts the evil aspects of human nature with reference to these two characters.

This character is very interesting and many adaptations of the novel represent this character in many ways.

Alan Bleasdale interpretation shows Fagin to be a cunning magician, who is intelligent and persuasive, and Fagin is a more of a realistic character in this adaptation.

The poor were put into workhouses and little children were put into a baby farm until the age of 9.

Dickens motive for writing this novel was to make people understand the full horrors of the Poor Law.


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