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Joel Burcat’s debut novel, “Drink to Every Beast,” isn’t climbing best-seller lists or getting attention from prominent critics. But none had found a publisher and gone out into the world.

Blindness is a gift.”Borges turned the loss of his eyesight into a gorgeous poem, “On His Blindness,” which notes that he can no longer savor “the closed encyclopedia,” “the tiny soaring birds,” “the moons of gold.” “Others have the world, for better or worse,” it concludes.

“I have this half-dark, and the toil of verse.”I have a special interest in Milton and Borges — and became aware of Burcat — because of my own diminished eyesight.

When you are teaching this explain to students that when we give our opinion on something, we usually give several reasons and write a summary conclusion.

Grade 1 This version is a bit simpler, leaving out the conclusion section and using only the opinion and reasons sections. “It was really, really important to me.”He got dictation software, hired an editor and then sent a polished revision of “Drink to Every Beast,” a legal thriller about toxic waste in the Susquehanna River, to Headline Books, which welcomes writers unrepresented by agents. No matter the book’s reception, he’s beyond ecstatic.“Now,” he said, “I can claim to be in the same category as James Joyce, James Thurber and other blind authors.”]Joyce and Thurber weren’t totally blind.Opinion writing - a basic form of persuasion and argument is now part of the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and applies to all elementary grade levels.Students will use this opinion writing template to write their opinion about a topic in the format of opinion, reasons, and conclusion.One of the most common essay types is the opinion, or persuasive, essay.In an opinion essay, the writer states a point of view, then provides facts and reasoned arguments to support that viewpoint.More than a year and a half ago, I woke up with profoundly blurry, clouded vision in my right eye and learned that I’d had a sort of stroke of the optic nerve. What happened to me is technically known as nonarteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy, or Naion, which could strike my left eye, too: There’s a roughly 20 percent chance of that.After I recounted this in a column, Burcat reached out to me. He and I have tools available to us — audiobooks, voice-to-text technology, enormous computer screens on which letters can be supersized — that weren’t around decades, let alone centuries, ago.But James Wilson, who was blind, nonetheless produced “Biography of the Blind” in the early 1800s.In the early 1900s, Helen Keller, who was deaf as well as blind, wrote autobiographical books and essays.


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