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Paper should address the concept of paradigms and paradigm shifts as they relate to my work in the business (management theory)world.

Is the concept of paradigm applicable in the business world as it is in the natural sciences (Kuhn)? I'm not a good writer and the service really gets me going in the right direction.

Personally I think people are often too critical of advancement in technology.

They dread every little change that is made because it takes away form the “good old days”.

I think it’s incredible how far we have come in technological advancements and I’m all for people making the best use of them.

Cell phones are something that have gone from being a commodity to a necessity.It’s probably just more noticeable to see people being anti-social when they whip out their phone in a crowded room, but I’m sure that even in the time before cell phones people would still find some other way to avoid interactions.Finally, people are often criticized with using their phones to document every second of their lives.But, honestly, were the good old days really all that good?There is a psychological concept called rosy retrospection.I pondered for a long time about what I should write my paradigm shift essay on.At first I LITERALLY couldn’t think of any possible topics.Through teaching students, he records in amazing detail the incredible breakthroughs he and his students discovered over a lifetime of research into how God is working in every tribe and nation on earth.Reflection One way that Noll supports his own thesis is his reflection on traditional hymns.I am fully aware that phones definitely cause more distractions and in a sense they make people less “social”.But on the other hand I think that’s a price I’m willing to pay.


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