Parents Helping Students With Homework

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Like all forms of procrastination, this has the effect of making the entire process take much longer than it needs to.

When parents turn the homework ritual into a series of conversations about what needs to be done, how, and for how long, children feel less “alone” with their nightly work, they relish the company and support of their parent, and they work better and more efficiently.

In my experience, the theatricality of being timed helps relax children who would otherwise feel daunted by a mountain of homework. ” helps your child feel like what they are doing matters.

As each piece of work gets done, parents can add meaningful positive reinforcement. By turning the homework ritual into a series of conversations about what needs to be done, how, and for how long, children feel less “alone” with their nightly work, they relish the company and support of their parent, and they complete the work much more efficiently and at a higher standard than they might otherwise.

” Then, set the timer with the understanding that the child must work without interruption until the timer goes off. The goal here is to enable the child to solve problems independently, through concentration.

This not only builds concentration powers, it builds creativity, critical thinking, resilience, and resourcefulness.

This “pre-work” work helps a child think through a task, understand it, and prepare to execute it with gusto.

Last but not least, introduce a timer to the evening’s proceedings.

The first step, especially with kids 13 and under, is to have them do their homework at a communal space, like a dining room or kitchen table.

If other children are in the home, they can all do their homework at the same table, and the parent can sit nearby to support the work effort.


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