Phd Dissertations In Economics

Most academics worth their salt relish the opportunity to discuss their own research, so there is no reason to be shy.In any case, it is always fascinating meeting those more experienced than yourself who have remained in the field.

This sounds obvious, but you should absolutely make sure that the project you choose is of interest to you.

If you're going to be working on a project for months or even longer, then it has to be something which you are engaged with, and the best way to keep engaged is to pose a question for your project to which you want to know the answer.

Think back over the lectures you've attended and the books you've read, and consider what issues you enjoyed discussing and thinking about.

If there was ever a topic which you came across and wanted to know more about, but didn't have the time or resources to investigate, this is your chance to find out more.

With so much to consider, we thought it would be easier to break the decision-making process into 6 key points.

Consideration of each will give you the best chance possible to make sure the topic of your Master's thesis in economics is the right one - both for you personally and for your future career.Additionally, many alumni will still have links with your university, so it may be possible to get in contact with them directly.If someone has written about a topic you are interested in, do not hesitate to request a meet up to pick their brains.This might make your project a little harder, as you will have more new information to grasp than others – but it can also be very rewarding for ambitious and engaged students.In my first year at college, I was assigned an adviser from the physics department.If you work in economics but find yourself interested in another academic subject, you may have the opportunity to learn about that field as a part of your research project.You could consider a project which touches on a subject like history, sociology, business, politics, or psychology, for example.Not only will this be uninteresting to you, but it will be uninteresting to the person marking your thesis, and that's sure to bring your marks down.Try to come up with a novel approach or an unusual topic to study.Your project could look at the implications of that same policy in a different country.Or you could look at a similar policy in a different period of history.


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