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It covers all subject areas, contains mostly full-text articles, and contains both popular and scholarly articles.

It covers all subject areas, contains mostly full-text articles, and contains both popular and scholarly articles.

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That's a concrete fact that can help make the case for the pros of driving a stick.

On the cons side, an expensive problem like clutch wear is verifiable evidence of the possible costs involved in driving a stick. Your first paragraph should be an introduction that speaks briefly on the topic at hand and what you intend to do with it.

Nexis Uni (formerly Lexis Nexis Academic) Offers coverage from a wide variety of national, local, and university newspapers and is a terrific resource to use when you need information on current events and campus-related information.

Google Scholar A part of Google that searches only scholarly or academic articles or other publications.

Since driving a manual isn't overwhelmingly good or bad, it is a perfect example of the type of topic to look for.

Brainstorm as many negative and positive qualities of your topic as possible.Each report features background information, pro/con debates, a chronology, and a bibliography with other resources to explore. It covers a wide variety of topics from economics to African American studies to biology.Includes topics such as animal rights, drinking on campus, climate change, medical marijuana, and other current controversial issues. It is a great place to gain a contextual understanding of your topic.A pro and con essay should be backed by as many facts as you can provide to strengthen both sides of the argument.For instance, Consumer Reports has found that a manual transmission improves gas mileage by 2 to 5 miles per gallon.Cons could include damage caused by user error, inconvenience in slow traffic or hazardous situations and difficulty.Isolate three or four of the largest benefits and three or four of the largest problems with your topic from your brainstorming list.You will likely have far more options from which to choose.Research your topic at a library or using trusted resources on the Internet.Stateline Use this source to browse current news stories to generate research ideas.You can search this resource by individual state or on a national level.


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