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Most people have particularly strong memories of this time in their lives–psychologists have called it the ‘reminiscence bump’.

But, perhaps surprisingly, one study has shown that people also have mini reminiscence bumps for the music their parents listened to, and even for their grandparents’ music (Krumhansl & Zupnick, 2013).“Music transmitted from generation to generation shapes autobiographical memories, preferences, and emotional responses, a phenomenon we call cascading ‘reminiscence bumps’.

However, you should also understand that these conclusions are for mere novice educational benefit.

These conclusions can not and should not be generalized to bigger populations.

(“Well, in this study we accessed short-term memory in humans. Fill out the table provided with the information you received from the study • Count the number of correct words recalled in each category from each volunteer and put it in the appropriate section of the table.

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The first word list was composed of unrelated words, while the second list was composed of groups of related words in chunks. Counting off for spelling is at the discretion of the experimenter, but strive to be consistent.The motor areas process the rhythm, the auditory areas process the sound, while the limbic regions are associated with the emotions (Alluri et al., 2013).Classic hits can easily take you back to your teens and twenties.It is hypothesized that the second word list would be easier for you to memorize since the words are related. If the word is spelled wrong, but you know what they were going for, then it may be counted correct.• Find the total and average number of words recalled from all participants together from word list #1 and from word list #2Draw conclusions from the experiment by answering the questions below the table and crafting a general statement from your study using the template provided.The study should last less than 10 minutes.”)Place the sheet of paper with the first set of words on it, in front of the volunteer facing down (so that they cannot see the words).Tell the participant, “you will have two minutes to memorize the set of words on the back of this piece of paper.Try to use a consistent area for all your volunteers.An environment that has minimal noise, moderate lighting, and minimal distraction is best.• Briefly tell the volunteer what the experiment will be about and how long it will take.(“In this study, we will be accessing memory in human participants.


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