Research On Newspaper Readership

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Consequently, this study examined gender differentials in newspaper readership pattern among residents of Enugu State with particular attention to both the print and online versions.

There is an overwhelming interest in understanding how gender significantly influences human behavior.

Specifically, attention was paid to the most preferred version (between online and print), the duration and purpose of reading newspaper.

The survey research design was used for the study while the sample was made up of 192 male and 192 female (totaling 384).

The questionnaire was the instrument for data collection.

Simple percentages were used for the research objectives while the chi-square test of independence was used to test the three hypotheses raised.Suffice it to say that gender is created by the society and for the society, then it follows logically that people’s gender is likely to influence their behavior.Gender is regarded as a critical determinant that influences human behavior.Media studies have also been conducted to determine the place of gender in communication and how this influences media reception. Although newspaper readership has attracted the attention of different scholars [10-12] more studies are yet to focus on gender and examine the consumption pattern with emphasis on both print and online newspapers.Understanding gender differentials in newspapers readership pattern could be beneficial to marketers, newspaper journalists, communication teachers and researchers exploring newspaper readership and indeed, media consumption pattern in a developing country such as Nigeria, hence the need for this study.The emergence of radio and TV equally had adverse effects on newspaper.Lucena [7] says that newspaper performance suffers immediately following the advent of Radio and TV at the beginning of those two decades.The result showed that gender significantly influences the most preferred version of newspaper read, the duration of reading newspaper and the purpose of reading newspaper.The implications of these results on the uses and gratification theory have been explored.Tyner [8] avers that newspapers will never be fizzled out because of five fundamental reasons which are: newspaper is still great for local community news; they are embracing more platforms, they are mining online demographic data to their advantage the newspaper industry is gradually figuring out pay walls, print will be seen as a valued extra.Newspapers have made significant modifications that require a new direction in the study of newspaper readership pattern.


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