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The More information Section for Magnetic Resonance Technologists Guidelines for Giving Oral Presentations SMRT Education Committee Purpose: This slide presentation covers basic considerations and guidelines for giving and More information YOUR BEST APPLICATION Hints and tips on how to write an application for a position within VU INTRODUCTION Universities and most government organisations have a significant focus on equity and merit-based More information Your Job Search Your job search is a process which begins during your studies, when you start thinking about life after you ve completed your studies.

It is an ongoing process, from your first job you More information Basic Computer Skills Module 4 Introduction to Microsoft Power Point 2010 Basic Computer Skills Module 4 Introduction to Microsoft Power Point 2010 Summary Goal(s): This unit includes lessons on how to use More information Graduate School Resumes, Goals Statements, Recommendation Letters What are they looking for in your application?

Highlight your accomplishments, but do not be deceptive Use abbreviations in the CV.

Only use acronyms after you write out the entire name of organization i.e.

Homework: Students will be assigned to construct a draft of a CV, which will be due the following class meeting. CV stands for curriculum vitae, which means course of life Is a marketing brochure that tells your prospective employer about your skills Academic resume that includes all accomplishments and experiences that are relevant to your current academic objective A good CV increases chances of interview Who should Write your cv? You are the only person capable of representing yourself in the best way Of course, have professionals (i.e.

teachers) give you tips and proofread your CV while working on it ways to add value to your cv Internships (i.e.4 suggestions for deciding on a research idea/question Read textbooks and articles with a critical eye and jot down points that were unclear to you Observe the behavior of others around you Relax: Sometimes ideas come about spontaneously Feel good about your topic!Be motivated and enthusiastic about what you plan to research Your Research Report Research is not a linear process!Do you think others will find your topic important? Develop your Literature Review Read the articles you ve searched Make a brief outline for each article: hypothesis, method, results, conclusion Which articles are the most relevant to your research project? Are there any differences in argument about your topic? Describe your Research Plan Give an overview of your Method section Briefly describe your hypotheses, the IV and DV, expected results and what your interpretation of your results are Are you stuck?Look at other research articles as a guideline for the flow of the introduction Participants Who will they be?Some helpful hints Write Method section first Go back and write the Introduction Start experiment Analyze data and write Results section Write Discussion section, revise Introduction Make sure entire research paper tells a story Introduction State research problem Write examining this problem State the void in the literature Write about your own research question and how investigating it would add to the literature State your hypothesis (nondirectional/directional) Cite literature that may support your hypothesis Results Section Write results plainly, clearly and objectively Do not make any arguments about what you ve found in this section Tables and figures: Don t use redundant data--include them only to add/clarify results Discussion Section One of the most difficult sections to write leaves you free to examine, interpret and qualify the results, as well as to draw inferences from them (APA Publication Manual, p.managed, counseled, achieved) cv writing: do s and don ts Do s: Put your contact details at the very top of the document (name, address, phone #, address) Highlight achievements at the right place (i.e.poster presentations should have its own heading, and not listed under Education ) Check for spelling and grammar Have a teacher proofread your CV don ts Don t: Give a heading.26) Forces you to step back from your data and look at the big picture include limitations of study Citations & References Reference List (for journal articles) Please refer to notes on how to cite references in APA format Citations (in-text) Walker (2000) compared reaction times In 2000 Walker compared reaction times In a recent study of reaction times, Walker (2000) described the method...walker also found Lesson Plan 2: Research Paper Writing: An Overview Objectives: -SWBAT identify 3 goals of the Introduction section of a research paper (introduce problem, develop literature review, research plan) -SWBAT understand how to introduce the research problem -SWBAT understand how to develop the literature review -SWBAT understand what to include in the research plan -SWBAT understand what to include in the Method section of a research paper (participants, materials, procedure) Lesson Duration: 40 minutes Aim: How do we approach writing the Introduction and Method sections for the research paper?Materials: -Lesson plan -laptop and projector -Power Point lecture (Introduction and Method Sections) Procedure: The 3 goals of the Introduction section: -Introduce the problem -Develop the background, -State the purpose and rational of your project 1) Introducing the Problem: -Introduction tells the story of why you re interested in your research topic -Why do you think others will find your topic important? -How will your research contribute to the literature?


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  • Teaching Research Papers with High School Students Language Arts.

    That research and my commentary ends up in my lesson plans, in front of administrators or parents, and sometimes in student files. Lawyers, political organizers, advertisers, real estate agents most jobs require ethical research and then a written report. Providing students with a sustainable foundation is a humbling responsibility.…

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    Explore. Over the course of seven years, a group of middle, high school, college, and university teachers participated in a federally funded writing coalition project to implement innovative approaches to teaching writing. Together they developed this series of lesson plans designed to make writing both fun and an integral part of diverse curricula.…

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    Research Paper Lesson Plan. Dana teaches social sciences at the college level and English and psychology at the high school level. She has master's degrees in applied, clinical and community psychology.…

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    Writer's Workshop Research Papers" offers students the opportunity to learn more about a topic that interests them as they work step-by-step through the writing process. A typical class following the entire lesson plan can expect to spend one class period each school day for two to four weeks, depending on class size, grade level, and resources.…

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    Research paper lesson plans high school Built on the ground of the famous Bao Thien tower of the ancient Thang Long citadel, the today Ba Da pagoda is the headquarters of the Hanoi Buddhist Sangha. Located in the heart of Hanoi, Ba Da or Linh Quang pagoda is in a small alley of Nha Tho Street.…

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