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Is it morally right or even beneficial to help these individuals in need, in order to solve the problem of homelessness, or should we leave it up to them to get themselves out of their situation....

- A 2016 Atlantic article declares, “The government has tried to tackle the problem of homelessness on nearly every level, but comprehensive solutions have proven elusive, despite billions spent over time.

The federal government has set a series of goals of ending homelessness for veterans by 2015, chronic homelessness by 2017, and homelessness for families with children and youth by 2020.

The 2013 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) to Congress reveals that 36 percent of the homeless population consisted of individuals in families--over half of which were children--17.8 percent was made up by the chronically homeless, and an estimated 10 percent was comprised of veterans....

[tags: Homelessness, Homelessness in the United States] - Homelessness is a convenient label for a variety of objective and subjective conditions of impoverish (Gory, Ritchey, & Mullis, 1990: Phelan, Link, Moore and Stueve, 1997).

[tags: Poverty, Homelessness] - Homelessness in america has been an epidemic for decades.

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In New Orleans particularly homelessness has increased dramatically since hurricane katrina and continue to plague our city.There are many people who are living in the streets, hungry, cold and lonely.According to estimates, 100 million people worldwide are literally homeless.There are fewer places for poor people to rent than before. S needs at least 7 million more affordable apartments for low income families (Ending Homelessness 12)....[tags: Homelessness, Poverty, Street children] - The issue The issue I am concerned about is of homelessness.Programs designed to prevent homelessness are less costly than the cost of maintaining the homeless.Homelessness is a preventable condition created by systemic oppression and long-standing discrimination....Trying to find a balance of how much or little support should be given to this underprivileged demographic of people has caused much conversation and debate in not only government, but in society also.It has become a question of ethics, in all actuality.The issue of homelessness has worsened because of the number of veterans back from our most recent wars.They have resorted to homelessness as their only refuge after being unable to maintain a stable home and/or not receiving the treatments they need.


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