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And then ,compare with speaking,listening,writing is another strength.Therefore, there is few mistake of gramma in my academic writing and a good analysis for my writing.

Thirdly, I need to take full use of source around me. Learning proper time management skills will also help students to remain vigilant when citing sources ...

Such as source of tutor, source of library, source of Internet and so on.

On the contrary, speaking is a big challenge to me.

And I think the major reason why my speaking is not well is the wrong pronunciation .

Next what work is the most effectiveness will be analysed.

According to the scores of Ielts, reading is my strength because of the highest score among reading, writing, listening and speaking.In this report,something about how to improve English ability will be analysed.During the last decade, I have been attending English course to the test and learning English continuously in China.Like a picture, it must have unity of design, the proportion of parts and consistency of coloring.If it does not possess the character of artistic unity, it is not a true essay. So an essay must always be the attempt of the writer to express his own thoughts, ideas, and feelings.The students must never forget that his essay must be an expression of his own minds.To me, firstly, I need to make a plan of English learning. Level 2 in Supporting Teaching and Learning, Level 3 Certificate Supporting Teaching and Learning, Level ... And the key point is try to learn something everyday. College students can also get persuasive, narrative and interesting ideas for preparations of their exams.Moreover, Higher Secondary, Intermediate, and O’ level (FSc. A and ICS) generally known as the first and second-year also avail the best, excellent and unique essays for students who wants a real and helpful content for their research and work.


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