Self Concept Essay

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It was devised in 1954 by Manfred Kuhn & Thomas Mc Partland with the goal of helping to identify assumptions and attitudes people had about themselves. Using the following format, fill in at least five lines (or twenty if you’re up for it) – be honest, and let’s see what you come up with!

Although everyone has their own self-concept, it’s possible to identify some common characteristics from the responses given.

Your self concept is just one factor among many that have an impact on your self esteem and self confidence.

Test yourself The Twenty Statements Test (TST) is a popular method used by psychologists to get an idea of one’s self concept.

Remember we are talking about the characteristics of you that are unchanging but your idea or concept of these can change with time. If you change a belief by challenging it and looking for evidence against your belief you can also change your attitude and your thinking and improve your self concept and your self esteem as well.

If you can accept that you can change your beliefs, values, moods and attitudes then you accept that you can change how you feel about you and the idea of who you are will change also.These were all prepared by experienced psychologists and are extremely easy to follow.Self concept is made up of different self aspects and has the following characteristics: Central vs. According to Fox, self concept is a “self-description, whereby a series of statements are used such as ‘I am make’, ‘I am student’, to formulate a multifaceted personal picture” (Fox, 1990).Your self concept can change on a regular basis because you see and interpret things differently depending on your feelings, beliefs and attitude.Self awareness is a two-way process as your feelings and beliefs affect your self concept and the opposite is also true.Statements can often be grouped into the following categories: – Social groups and classifications – Interests – Beliefs (ideological or self-based) – Goals/Ambitions – Self-evaluation Try to categorise your statements, and assess in an unbiased way, as if you were giving advice to a friend or family member whether these statements are your reality or whether you are distorting certain truths.Let me know what you think of the test and whether or not you found it useful in the comments section or on our Facebook page – let’s get a discussion going! Read how to end negative thoughts Want to increase your self confidence at work, in your daily life and improve your relationships?We are often overly critical of ourselves and our abilities, and you have to watch out for that.Humanist psychologist Carl Rogers believed that while we all happen to distort reality somewhat in our own mind, the earliest roots for the misalignment between the way we see ourselves and the reality stem from our childhood.But I do not believe that it’s chronic but is actually a part of my personality which is very important to be because I see it as an advantage.As self representation is dependent on interpersonal comparison (Markus, 1977) I view my organized nature as one of my traits that differentiates me from other.


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