Solved Problems In Algebra

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These keywords can go a long way in helping you determine how to set up the algebra equations.

Here’s a list of some common keywords to get you started: Note that these keywords are not a complete list; you will definitely see other words used to mean these operations, but keep in mind how the numbers and variables are positioned and what is being asked, and you should be able to add to this keyword list yourself!

There are a few rules to remember when writing Algebra equations: 1. Let x represent the number of children’s tickets sold tells what x stands for in this problem.

If this had not been done for you, you might have written it like this:.

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In order to familiarize students with these kinds of problems, teachers include word problems in their math curriculum.

This makes it easier to go back and double check that you’ve got the right equations and variables set up, without losing your train of thought halfway through solving the algebra word problem.

This way, you won’t have to try to remember what each variable is that you’re solving for, or whether you’re multiplying or dividing by two in the next equation.

Likewise, the ratio of x and y written out will show x / y.

When you have read through the entire word problem, you will want to go back through and underline anything important.


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