Solving Problems And Making Decisions

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Think about what reports to use to further analyze the problem and back up your claims.

You can’t expect to come up with a solution to your problem if you don’t brainstorm solutions.

Think back to previous problems you had in your business. The solutions you and your team use don’t have to be the same methods you have used in the past.

One main component of effective problem-solving and decision-making is weighing your pros and cons before making any decisions.

When encountering a problem under stress with limited time, it is not unusual to react (without analysis) with a solution that worked before under seemingly similar circumstances.

This may be surprising, but the reason problem solving and decision making are addressed separately is a consequence of the historical choices made on research on these topics.Problem-solving and decision-making in business can help you: Use the five steps below to guide yourself through a problem and decide on a solution.Before you can fix an issue and use decision-making skills, take a look at the problem at hand. Figure out where the problem stems from and go from there.In anything other than the most basic problems, there will be a step in the problem solving process that requires choosing a solution among alternatives.This step in the problem solving process is why problem solving and decision making are often seen as highly integrated.Is problem solving decision making a specific type of decision making, a complementary process, or a redundant term?In many cases the terms "problem solving" and "decision making" are used interchangeably.Both topics fundamentally deal with how people break large problems down in size to handle complexity that cannot be handled exactly (e.g., choosing a career).The main characteristic that distinguishes the research on problem solving versus decision making is the limits placed on human rationality.Consider seeking others’ perspectives to get a different outlook.Learn the ins and outs of the issue and go beyond the surface. The severity of the issue determines how quickly you respond and what steps you must take.


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