Solving Problems With Equations

Solving Problems With Equations-9
Two step algebraic equations are relatively quick and easy -- after all, they should only take two steps.Example 1 – Walter and Helen are asked to paint a house.

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According to the question; Ron will be twice as old as Aaron. Complement of x = 90 - x Given their difference = 12°Therefore, (90 - x) - x = 12°⇒ 90 - 2x = 12⇒ -2x = 12 - 90⇒ -2x = -78⇒ 2x/2 = 78/2⇒ x = 39Therefore, 90 - x = 90 - 39 = 51 Therefore, the two complementary angles are 39° and 51°9. If the table costs $40 more than the chair, find the cost of the table and the chair. Solution: Let the number be x, then 3/5 ᵗʰ of the number = 3x/5Also, 1/2 of the number = x/2 According to the question, 3/5 ᵗʰ of the number is 4 more than 1/2 of the number.

Solution: Let the breadth of the rectangle be x, Then the length of the rectangle = 2x Perimeter of the rectangle = 72Therefore, according to the question2(x 2x) = 72⇒ 2 × 3x = 72⇒ 6x = 72 ⇒ x = 72/6⇒ x = 12We know, length of the rectangle = 2x = 2 × 12 = 24Therefore, length of the rectangle is 24 m and breadth of the rectangle is 12 m. Then Aaron’s present age = x - 5After 4 years Ron’s age = x 4, Aaron’s age x - 5 4. Then the cost of the table = $ 40 x The cost of 3 chairs = 3 × x = 3x and the cost of 2 tables 2(40 x) Total cost of 2 tables and 3 chairs = $705Therefore, 2(40 x) 3x = 70580 2x 3x = 70580 5x = 7055x = 705 - 805x = 625/5x = 125 and 40 x = 40 125 = 165Therefore, the cost of each chair is $125 and that of each table is $165. If 3/5 ᵗʰ of a number is 4 more than 1/2 the number, then what is the number?

How long would it take Tom to do the job by himself?

This can be done by first multiplying the entire problem by the common denominator and then solving the resulting equation. Click Here for Practice Problems Example 3 – One pipe can fill a swimming pool in 10 hours, while another pipe can empty the pool in 15 hours.

Walter can paint the house by himself in 12 hours and Helen can paint the house by herself in 16 hours.

How long would it take to paint the house if they worked together?

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In this case, one pipe is filling the pool and the other is emptying the pool so we get the equation: Step 2: Solve the equation created in the first step.

This can be done by first multiplying the entire problem by the common denominator and then solving the resulting equation. Click Here for Practice Problems Example 4 – One roofer can put a new roof on a house three times faster than another. How long would it take the faster roofer working alone?


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