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is a recent addition to the continuing Yale series, "Annals of Communism," edited with the cooperation of Russian scholars in Moscow.

is a recent addition to the continuing Yale series, "Annals of Communism," edited with the cooperation of Russian scholars in Moscow.Professional historians concentrating on documents should consider postponing their reading of the lengthy (about 110 pages) introductory sections of until after they have read the eighty-one important Soviet documents in chronological order.

Soviet Minister of Defense Klemit Voroshilov, in Moscow, handled many of the incoming military messages from Spain, as more than a third of the eighty-one published documents were addressed to him. Stalin, the real head of the Soviet Union, made one direct order to the Spanish government, on the conservative side.

After the bombing of the pocket battleship on (which enraged Hitler), Stalin said that the Spanish Republican air force should not bomb German or Italian vessels.

The Soviet documents back up the generally well-known story that Brigade members saved Madrid in November 1936, and played a big role at Guadalajara (March 1937). 70 shows that by 14 January 1938, the Spanish Popular Army had 200 Spanish brigades compared to five International Brigades.

But previous historians have exaggerated the power of the Brigades and their continued presence as a potential "pretorian guard" on into 1938. The fighting effectiveness and number of the foreign volunteers on the side of the Republic declined by 1938.

Anybody not already familiar with names from the Spanish Civil War could give up in frustration.

In short, to say that this book is "a hard read" would be to understate the problem.Examining the notes, one can list about sixty books and articles, written mostly by Americans and British.A notable exception is the Spanish edition of the memoirs of Francisco Largo Caballero, Prime Minister of the Spanish Republic September 1936 to May 1937.Most of these are helpfully translated into real names in the index and in the lengthy editorial essays.As it stands now, the reader is forced to consult the documents, five major essays, the index and footnotes in zig-zag fashion over the course of about 400 pages of documents.The Comintern had recruited 31,369 foreigners for the International Brigades as of 30 April 1938 (Doc. This key document shows 18,714 had moved through the IB base at Albacete by April 1937, and thereafter lists recruits and replacements on a monthly basis.The total figure 31,000 was used when withdrawal of the remaining 10,000 Brigade members (5,000 at the front) was discussed in Moscow in September 1938 (Doc.The review you are about to read comes to you courtesy of H-Net -- its reviewers, review editors, and publishing staff. Reviewed by Robert Whealey (Department of History, Ohio University) Published on H-Diplo (March, 2002) Soviet Intervention in the Spanish Civil War: Review Article [The Spanish language uses diacritical marks. Some words, therefore, are written incompletely in this review] This collection is actually two books wrapped in a single cover: a book of Soviet documents presumably chosen in Moscow by Grigory Sevostianov and mostly translated by Mary Habeck.If you appreciate this service, please consider donating to H-Net so we can continue to provide this service free of charge. Translate this review into New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 2001. Then the Soviet intervention in Spain is narrated and interpreted by the well-known American historian Ronald Radosh.Radosh's index is fairly good, but with more work a better product would have been produced. For example, the citations to GRU chief in Moscow Uritsky are incomplete. Historians interested in the Spanish Civil War have seven questions about the role of the Spanish Communist Party and the Soviet officials in Spain: (1) The growth of the membership of the Spanish Party at the expense of liberals, anarchists and socialists from July 1936 to sometime in mid 1938; (2) The division among the Spanish Socialists; (3) Whether the Spanish Republic ever became a satellite; (4) Why the Republic lost, (5) yet lasted as long as it did; (6) What the Spanish Communists thought about "revolution," as compared to socialist, anarchist, and Trotskyist conceptions of "revolution"; (7) What destroyed, as the war ground on, the morale of the Spanish left.Soviet agents in Spain in the Comintern, the GRU, and Foreign Ministry wrote some long dispatches.


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