Spirit Airlines Seating Assignments

This leaves you two choices when flying them: either wait until you check in and accept a randomly assigned seat, or choose your specific seat in advance for a fee.

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If you are flying with friends or family, paying for a reserved seat is, unfortunately, the only way to guarantee that you will sit together.

A simple breakdown of the types of seats and fees available: Spirit Assigned Seating at Check In: Free Customer-Requested Seat Assignments / Regular Seats: $1 to $50 Big Front Seats (in advance): $12 to $199 Big Front Seats (onboard upgrades—depending on flight length): $25 to $75 To buy a reserved seat on Spirit, follow the instructions above for paying your bag fees (using the “Manage Travel” link).

Each bag you check gets more expensive so if you are bringing two or more, it works out less expensive to bring one on board and check the rest. Pay Your Bag Fees Early Once you decide what you’re bringing with you and whether you’re checking or carrying-on, you should pre-pay those bag fees by going directly to the Spirit web site.

It is really important that you do this more than 24 hours in advance.

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Plus, we love to crunch the numbers behind the airline industry to make you a smarter shopper (did we mention we’re geeks yet? Combine all of this with top-notch customer service, and you have Cheap Air.

If you wait until the day before, or — even worse, wait until you get to the airport — you will pay higher fees.

For instance, your first checked bag is if you do it online, more than 24 hours in advance.

If you’re going to do so, you should do it as soon as possible after booking.

Since seats are sold on a first-come-first-serve basis, that’s when you’ll have the best options. Fees vary slightly for traveling outside the country.


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