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Master of Business Administration Financial Management Group Assignment Students for Students Online Brokerage (SFS AG Brokers) Executive Summary The following material is a business plan for a start-up of an online brokerage business. The name of the company, the co-owners, the contact information data are invented by the authors.

Here are a few business options to consider: Personal investors use their own money in order to gain wealth through buying and selling stocks.

Unlike stock traders, they don't trade four or more times per week and aren't subject to the same rules and regulations.

The revenue generating services for a stock broking firm include: There are many brokerage houses in India[2] and they have already garnered quite a lot of clients over the years, who are very loyal to their service providers.

If you look at the top 20 brokerages of 2016, then have close to 38 Lakh clients between them.


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