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dept=mm • i Podfolio: __________________________________________ Other Format: ________________________________ Best of Show Portfolio Mechanics: Have you checked your portfolio for the following: Clear Navigation Plan________ • Grammar__________ • Variety of Multimedia Visual Aids_________ • Overall Impact of Portfolio Showcasing Your Story____________ Presentation of e Portfolio: Review the tips on making a presentation: Tips on Making Presentations with your Portfolio: you present your Best of Show Portfolio in class, you will be asked “What did you learn about yourself by developing your portfolio?

_____________________________________________________________ Best of Show Portfolio Resources: RACCE: Folio Thinking – Building Your College Portfolio a Portfolio: Storyboard Process: Planning Your Learning Story KSU Complete Graduate Resource: Your Best of Show Portfolio Overview: College Portfolio Handbook for Student Success & Global Citizenship by Dr.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Assignment: Creating Your GPS: Grad Portfolio Storyboard Part One: Review the resources to assist you in creating your GPS: Grad Portfolio Story: Mapping Your GPS: Grad Portfolio Story & Grad Portfolio Samples: Part Two: You have four options to create and submit your GPS: Grad Portfolio Storyboard: Option A: You can fill out the attached Best of Show Portfolio Worksheet and submit that.

Please discuss your Mission, Design, and Format for your GPS: Grad Portfolio Storyboard.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What are you including in the portfolio: Learning Story clearly defined • Establish Credibility using Resume & References • General Skill showcased • Specific Academic Major Experience showcased • Use of Supporting Evidence • Examples of Global Experience Showcased • Personal Evidence • Entrepreneurial Evidence • Other (explain)___________________________________ Step Three: Format of the Portfolio: Format: What is the best format delivery of your portfolio?

______________________ For examples of formats for portfolios consult: page_id=147 the format that you will be using for your Best of Show Portfolio and share why you are selecting that type of format to showcase your story: • Paper Portfolio Format: _____________________________________ page_id=321 • Pocket e Portfolio using Power Point: ____________________________ The storyboard provides sequence through the practical use of numbering of frames as well as the design especially through the second half of the storyboard where movement enhances the feeling of sequence in using the app.Also, it can be noted the pace of the sequence of interactions with the app as frames become smaller and clearly integrated as oppose to the scenic stills of the top half of the story board.page_id=316 What is a Prezi: Register at Student/Teacher Licenses for Free: Googlios Portfolios: ____________________________________________ page_id=316 Wix: Free Flash Website Portfolio: _________________________________ page_id=314 Blogger: https:// Twitter – Micro Blog (link your other websites to Twitter Homepage): page_id=314 Resources for Web 2.0 Portfolios by Dr.Helen Barrett Video Portfolio: ______________________________________ Development Group (MDG) has video cameras that can be checked out through me – so let me know.The above storyboard depicts a person imagining where they would want to go while stuck in the mundane, everyday, polluted city.Through using the app, the person is able to “escape” from their surroundings and take a scenic run through unfamiliar landscapes.


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