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Avoid abbreviation in formal writing such as &, gov't., U. Most of the time you'll be using words that can be replaced by he, she or it. A., thru, OK, MI Exceptions: With proper names, abbreviated titles are preferred: Dr., Mr., Messrs., Ms., Mrs., Mmes., Jr., Sr., St. Third person pronouns are he, she and it: He moves, she moves, it moves.Traditional methods of editing include marks in the margins.

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Subject-verb agreement: in the present tense, all verbs end the same in both the singular and plural, except the third-person singular, where an -s is added.

Some prepositions double as adverbs: around, behind, up.

Change the marked word to an adjective or change the marked adjective to the proper form.

But you might need to make it more specific for your reader by saying what kind of tree it is (pine tree, Norway Maple).

A concrete word refers to an actual object whose nature is generally known, such as tree.

Replace the abstract term with a word or explatory passage that is more specific. Spell out words in full: and, government, United States, United States of America, through, okay. Usually an adjective sits right next to the noun or pronoun it describes: hot peppers, red hair. E., and those of certain well-known commodities, organizations, and government agencies such as TV, VCR, EPA, FBI, NATO, NASA, are also acceptable. Sometimes students place an adverb instead of an adjective after a linking verb: The peppers taste hotly. The most common linking verbs are all forms of to be, such as is, are, was, and the following verbs of the five senses: smell, sound, taste, look, feel. An adjective describes (modifies) a noun or pronoun. If you want to say and so forth, write it out, but usually you'll do better to write out the specific ideas you have in mind rather than leave it to your readers to guess at what you mean. Especially avoid using etc., short for et cetera, meaning and so forth.Following are suggested marks to use for standard editorial comments.Whenever possible, standard marks from script proofreading are retained.Collective nouns like group, team, squad, family, crw, committee, couple--are singular nouns that stand for a collection of individuals. Make the verb in this sentence agree in number with its subject.If the verb is in the singular, change it to the plural, and vice versa.Proofreaders and Instructors have different objectives in marking papers.Proofreaders need a perfect final copy and thus must exactly mark the problem.


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