Team Problem Solving Games

Team Problem Solving Games-30
It’s important to choose an activity everyone feels safe doing.

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Choose a personality test that isn’t excessively complicated.

The DISC personality test is a good choice, as is the True Colors personality test.

Assemble your team, and have them write down an idea on a large sheet of paper. Have them pass the paper to the person on their left, and instruct them to use the new idea to build another solution upon.

Continue for several rounds, and then see what the results are.

These tests simplify things and create easily remembered results.

During future teamwork efforts, when conflicts arise, a team member can say “remember, I am orange” and the others will know exactly what she means.As you work as a team, brainstorming sessions often sway towards the vocal and dominant personalities even though other team members have valuable ideas, too.By forcing these ideas to have equal footing, each team member’s ability to contribute is established.This exercise gives them equal footing to reveal facts about themselves as well as expose the assumptions others have made.Participants learn about others and also learn about themselves through the lies they thought were true. Give each team a distinctly different jigsaw puzzle of equal difficulty.Give each team member four identical slips of paper.Instruct them to write down three truths and one lie. not “I’ve been to Mars”), and the tenor of the truths and lie should not be offensive or crude.The goal is to complete their puzzle before the other groups, and that they must come up with their own method of convincing the other teams to relinquish the pieces they need, whether through barter, exchange of team members, donating time to another team, a merger, etc.Whatever they choose to do, they must do it as a group.Purpose: This exercise fits into the “get to know each other” category.Extroverts have no difficulty in making themselves known, but introverts often remain an enigma, bowled into silence.


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