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Geraldine uses social class to separate black from colored.

The most important rule is that for beauty, girls must look like white dolls, blue eyes, pale pink skin, and blonde hair.

Morrison's Family Relations Tony Morrison's blue eyed eye "The Bluest Eyes" is a story about the life of a young black girl, Pecola Bladorov, who grew up after the First World War. She prayed with the blue eyes and "Please make her beautiful", which in turn was accepted by her family and associates.

Promoting a good family relationship to promote a healthy and meaningful family relationship is important for adolescent life.

Families are not only important for connection between people and the past, they are also powerful and powerful agents that provide teenagers the most love and care they need.

Young people can establish good family relationships in various ways.

First of all, teenagers should respect each family member and care for each family member.The main problem of this book is the ugly concept that "darkness" has neither value nor beauty.This view will be handed down at birth and become a cultural barrier.Toni Morrison Beauty's "The Blue Eye" is said to be in the sight of a bystander, but what if supposedly a beautiful image is being pressed on the hearts of many people?The beauty of a person can be expressed in various ways from the viewpoint of appearance and personality, but various things are necessary for the novel "blue eyes".The theme of social class in The Bluest Eye can be seen throughout the whole book.Most of the examples of social class are hidden in the theme of race.Toni Morrison did not only write a book about a corrupt and judgmental neighborhood but also wrote about the view of people’s life with and without money and how or if it differs.- “The Bluest Eye” is taking place around 1940 in Lorain, Ohio.Characters in the book use their social class as another reason for being ugly.Readers are reminded of the theme every time a new character enters into the book. The others are braced in darkness, peopled by roaches and mice.”(10).


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